1. Are You Optimizing The Value Of Your Company’s Board? By: Kevin Asuncion

    Are You Optimizing The Value Of Your Company’s Board? By: Kevin Asuncion

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, board software is no longer a nice-to-have extra—it’s an essential strategy for engaging and deriving maximum value from your company’s directors in real time.

    Your company already may have adopted certain technologies for managing board matters; yet how many of these scenarios still apply:

    • Assembling hefty board books with ever-evolving content?
    • Running to catch the FedEx truck to overnight materials to directors?
    • Emailing or faxing last-minute schedule changes or pre-reading?
    • Handing out new documents on the fly in the boardroom?
    • Struggling to connect with traveling directors on urgent matters?

    If any of these sound familiar, your company would benefit from an interactive mobile solution. These emerging tools not only make board communications and meetings easier—they make them better.

    For many companies, the main attraction of a board software solution is its promise of paperless ease. Indeed, such a solution is a life saver for anyone who has ever struggled to manage revisions, multiple printings and distribution of paper documents.

    Other companies pursue board software simply because it provides access to documents while directors are on the go. This “virtual briefcase” benefit is also critical because directors can download, read and annotate materials from wherever they may be around the world.

    But an effective mobile board platform is more than a portal to paperless, portable soft copies: it blazes new pathways to engage with your board and optimize the value they bring to your organization.

    To be truly useful, a mobile board platform has to work hard everywhere: before meetings, after meetings and—especially—during meetings.  A physically flat solution, such as the Directors Desk HD  iPad app,  can enhance communication and engagement. Individual directors can use virtual sticky notes to capture questions or ideas right in the flow of the board exhibits. Additionally, a good platform will provide flexible collaborative features—such as instant voting, messaging and access to critical documents—that can make board processes faster and easier to execute.

    Mobile boardware solutions also provide the latitude to hold virtual board meetings. Companies no longer need every director physically in the same room to react to identical documents and reach informed decisions. Virtual meetings can dramatically reduce travel costs and make it economically feasible to recruit board talent from around the globe.

    The best mobile boardware allows you to run these virtual meetings just as you would if all your directors were in one room. These solutions allow control of presentations to be passed seamlessly across the room or across the world, and screens are consistently kept in synch no matter where the directors may be.

    Business today is global and digitally driven—shouldn’t your board be?

    To learn more about Directors Desk, visit us at http://directorsdesk.com/.

    Kevin Asuncion

    Managing Director, Product Owner

    NASDAQ OMX I Directors Desk

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