1. How Often Should an Advisory Board Meet? By: Susan Hammond

    How Often Should an Advisory Board Meet? By: Susan Hammond


    As someone who works with business owners and CEOs to form their advisory boards and very often stays on to serve as facilitator I remind them that their advisory board should be managed in a manner that works best for them.


    The recommended frequency is quarterly.  However if you serve on an advisory board of an educational institution you may find you meet once or twice a year.  I have a former client who prefers to meet three times a year. This same client had the advisors call for an additional meeting at a particularly tumultuous time for the company.


    Preparing for the actual meeting has a lot to do with how frequently your advisory board will meet.  If the company has a lean management team, too frequent meetings puts additional pressure on the CEO.


    If you are trying to determine what the best frequency is for you and your company, I suggest starting with quarterly for the first year.  If something comes up between meetings you can either call a special meeting or arrange a conference call.


    If you have an advisory board, how frequently do you meet?

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