1. Stretched thin: Venture Capitalists Serve on too many Boards

    Stretched thin: Venture Capitalists Serve on too many Boards

    “Do the math,” said Adam Epstein, founder of Third Creek Advisors, a Bay Area firm that advises pre-IPO companies on corporate governance . “It's not ...

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    1. A venture capitalist's job is not only to identify promising investments but to help the founders they've invested in build companies into thriving organizations.
    2. The time commitment required to serve on boards of directors at public companies continues to increase, and the degree with which board members must be prepared to manage complex and disparate issues has intensified.
    3. Many firms lack the capacity to take more money.
    4. A director can get blindsided by serving on too many boards.
    5. That's not the kind of thing you can hide from a board director who is actively paying attention.
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