1. Nine Tips for Planning a Successful Advisory Board Meeting By: Susan Hammond

    Nine Tips for Planning a Successful Advisory Board Meeting By: Susan Hammond


    A successful advisory board meeting starts with good planning.  Meeting dates and times should be set at the previous meeting if not earlier.  With the date established you’re ready to plan your agenda and meeting logistics.  


    As an advisory board facilitator I recommend you consider these nine tips to help your planning:


    • Remind the advisors about the meeting at least 4-weeks before the meeting date.
    • Start with the issues that keep you up at night.  About a month before the scheduled meeting make a list of all the nagging thoughts and questions you've been pondering.
    • Determine on which issues the advisors can offer the most assistance.
    • Prioritize the issues if necessary and then pick the top 2-3 for a 2-3 hour meeting and 4-5 for a half-day meeting.  Fight the tendency to load the agenda with too many discussion points.
    • Determine what material needs to be sent in advance to the advisors.   As a rule I recommend at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Not all advisors will review the material however, so bring additional copies to the meeting.
    • Once the agenda is set you need to plan where the meeting is to occur and the food that will need to be served.  Don't forget to consider food allergies.
    • Determine who from the staff needs to attend the meeting and for how long.
    • Determine what audio visual equipment will you need and what will your back-up be if it doesn't work?
    • Process the advisors' fees through your accounting department if you pay your advisors.  You always want to pay your advisors at the meeting.


    Inadequate planning will yield poor results. Preparing for an advisory board meeting can take a lot of time.   Don't disappoint both yourself and your advisors.


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