1. PwC Survey Finds That Private Companies See Business Benefits In Formal

    /PRNewswire/ -- A large majority of private companies (80%) are adopting specific corporate governance practices to help them successfully navigate an increasingly complex and volatile business landscape, according to PwC US's latest Private Company Trendsetter Barometer survey. Corporate governance at those companies takes the form of official policies promoting oversight and accountability in a variety of areas, including financial reporting, corporate strategy, and risk management. Nearly all

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    1. Clearly, private companies recognize the importance of accurate financial reporting.
    2. Over the past decade, we've seen private-company executives increasingly appreciate the principles of corporate governance and their corresponding business benefits — particularly better risk management and a stronger bottom line.
    3. A strong emphasis on risk cuts across both a company's growth objectives and cost-reduction efforts.
    4. Even if our clients are uncertain whether M&A activity or an IPO is in their future, we want to put corporate governance on their radar so that they are prepared for a range of business opportunities.
    5. Corporate governance can help private companies respond to the changing marketplace.
    6. Because private companies are not bound by the same rules and regulations that govern public companies, there's a wide range of corporate governance practices among our clients.
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