1. Can Sears Canada Justify Those Ugly Retention Bonuses?

    Can Sears Canada Justify Those Ugly Retention Bonuses?

    As Sears Canada undergoes a painful restructuring process, a vexing issue is again rearing its head: retention bonuses. The beleaguered retailer will pay out up to $7.6 million to 43 executives and senior managers —even as it axes thousands of lower-level employees without offering severance. The decision, approved by the Ontario Superior Court, is generating significant outrage...

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    1. You don't want people heading out the door when you need them most.
    2. Though it's not the intention, they tend to send a signal to everyone who's been laid off that somehow they're not worthy.
    3. What are the auditing and accounting rules in Canada that allow you to give this totally clean opinion on a company and you can't even look beyond six weeks?
    4. Employees should not be last in line.
    5. The company should be obligated to set aside its pension commitments to employees as a matter of good governance.
    6. This is a systemic issue, and we want these employees to be provided for.
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