1. Nestle and L'Oreal are getting a Boost from an Activist Investor

    Nestle and L'Oreal are getting a Boost from an Activist Investor

    Nestle's stock price is getting a huge boost from an activist hedge fund.

    Daniel Loeb, famous for being a successful activist investor in companies like Yahoo and Sony, has set his sights on the consumer conglomerate Nestle.

    Loeb's hedge fund, Third Point, released a note Sunday disclosing its share in Nestle. The fund currently owns roughly 40 million shares, worth about $3.5 billion...

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    1. The category and geographic mix of [Nestle's] portfolio is excellent and offers the company a long runway for growth as emerging market customers increase consumption and developed market consumers trade up.
    2. However, despite having arguably the best positioned portfolio in the consumer packaged goods industry, Nestlé shares have significantly underperformed most of their US and European consumer staples peers on a three year, five year, and ten year total shareholder return basis.
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