1. Corporate Boards Begin To Seek Marketers For Digital Savvy

    Corporate Boards Begin To Seek Marketers For Digital Savvy

    An MSI study found that boards with one marketing-experienced director saw a 3% increase in total shareholder return over boards with none. Contributing at the board level is significantly more fruitful than advising companies on an unofficial basis. CMOs who want to get up to speed should research the differences between boards and operating teams...

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    1. As consumers become more critically important to the business, having someone on the board who owns that customer relationship is more important than ever before.
    2. They were interested in my experience, market positioning, and product management and development expertise, as well as my network and reputation within the market segment they are in.
    3. If the CMO is technical and has product management responsibility, they can offer product, pricing, and packaging insight. CMOs who are martech-savvy and data-driven can offer advice on revenue attribution and best practices.
    4. It's been refreshing to see how much more effective being a formal part of a board impacts and influences the activities.
    5. CMOs need to understand the different role of the board and be prepared to adapt. Boards provide advice and guidance—they aren't operators.
    6. What they're looking for is business acumen and experience through the lens of marketing.
    7. Instead of creating the 100-page decks, you're reading them and thinking about good questions to ask.
    8. It takes networking to find the right role, and you have to really put yourself out there.
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