1. Mylan Board Faces Challenge From Shareholder Advisory Firms

    Mylan Board Faces Challenge From Shareholder Advisory Firms

    A major shareholder advisory firm is calling for investors to vote to unseat all of Mylan NV ’s incumbent board directors after they failed to stop “significant destruction in shareholder value,” high executive pay and missteps during a drug pricing controversy over its allergy shot EpiPen...

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    1. All incumbent directors should be considered accountable for material failures of risk oversight over a number of years, when warning signs were available to the company but no actions appear to have been taken.
    2. Executive compensation for 2016 included multiple egregious pay decisions and large payouts despite the harm to the company inflicted by the EpiPen controversies.
    3. The case for holding Mylan's entrenched chairman and board accountable could not be stronger.
    4. We strongly request that you reconsider this position.
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