1. Dissecting Marissa Mayer’s $900,000-a-Week Yahoo Paycheck

    Dissecting Marissa Mayer’s $900,000-a-Week Yahoo Paycheck

    Yahoo’s chief executive presided over the decline and sale of the company. But she delivered big rewards to investors...

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    1. The only sign you can point to when evaluating a company over a long period of time is how shareholders have done in the exchange.
    2. She was an attractive, high-visibility C.E.O. trying to bring some excitement and glamour to Yahoo.
    3. It's like someone coming into an oil company, and all of a sudden oil prices go up and the stock goes up.
    4. For the existing amount of compensation, could Yahoo shareholders have done better?
    5. Given the hand she was dealt, I doubt anyone could have done a better job transforming the culture and making Yahoo healthy again.
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