1. Advisory Boards Build Leadership Skills By: Susan Hammond

    Advisory Boards Build Leadership Skills By: Susan Hammond

    Actually all board service can build leadership skills. Advisory boards are a way to start gradually if you know nothing about serving on a board.

    Many CEOs go about forming their advisory board by picking other CEOs to serve.  This can lead to disappointing results if the CEOs chosen are too busy to attend meetings.  Speaking one on one with a member of your advisory board too often robs all the parties of the benefit of synergy.  Synergy of one person’s comment being built upon by the comment of another, results in a stronger solution or idea.

    A very viable alternative is to recruit people who are members of the senior management team of an organization.  By approaching a CEO and acknowledging they may be too busy to serve then asking for their best senior manager, you get the best of both worlds.  You do the CEO two favors, one you train one of her best people about interacting with a board, and two you relieve the CEO of guilt because she can’t attend your meetings.

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