1. Barclays Boss Set for Shareholder Grilling at AGM

    Barclays Boss Set for Shareholder Grilling at AGM

    Barclays boss sees off shareholder rebellion 10 May 2017 These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright PA Image caption Jes Staley has apologised for his actions The head of Barclays has been re-elected to the board, after seeing off the threat of a shareholder rebellion. Jes Staley was facing investors for the first time since it emerged he had attempted to find out the identity of a whistleblower at the bank...

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    1. Given his personal involvement and accountability in this matter, and given the importance of his role as group CEO, an abstention on his re-election is considered appropriate.
    2. We... need to establish an enhanced presence inside the EU to handle our European activities within the borders of the EU should this be required as a result of the Brexit negotiations.
    3. The bank is now smaller and more focussed, and by the time we sell down our stake in Barclays Africa we will have exited nearly 30 countries.
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