1. Elliott Applies U.S. Activist Investor Tactics to BHP Offensive

    Elliott Applies U.S. Activist Investor Tactics to BHP Offensive

    Anglo-Australian mining group BHP Billiton relies on tested U.S. shareholder activism strategies to deliver one of the hedge fund's biggest ever bets on a company. U.S. activist investors have for years called on companies to deploy various financial engineering techniques, from spinning off assets to tweaking their corporate structure, in order to boost the value of their stock...

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    1. The questions and techniques activist shareholders developed in the U.S. pertain to how investors value companies universally. The question of whether BHP is undervalued applies whether the company is Australian or American.
    2. Asking the right question as an activist shareholder is not enough, if you do not have a stick available to you, you become like a professor who has no power. People answer your question cause your technique might work.
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