1. Say On Pay Votes Have Not Reduced CEO Pay

    Say On Pay Votes Have Not Reduced CEO Pay

    NEW YORK- CEO pay has continued to increase after the implementation of SOP under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, according to a new study from consulting firm Pay Governance ( paygovernance.com ). The study also found that pay for S&P 500 chief executives was more compressed after SOP reform. The researchers used a sample of more than 200 S&P 500 companies to examine chief executive pay trends over eight years, spanning the years before and after SOP implementation...

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    1. Our research found that median CEO pay has continued to rise post-SOP. While this continued increase was disappointing to the advocates of SOP, this was not surprising to corporate directors, executives and most institutional investors.
    2. This is a critical finding that suggests that the labor market for CEO pay remains robust, but the post-SOP governance environment may have constrained pay at the top of the distribution.
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