1. Wall Street Hates the Volcker Rule. Will Trump Finally Kill It?

    Wall Street Hates the Volcker Rule. Will Trump Finally Kill It?

    The Volcker Rule Explained Big banks shouldn't act like hedge funds by making dangerous bets that can ruin the economy. That's the principle behind the Volcker Rule, a controversial part of the post-crisis Wall Street reform. The rule prohibits banks like Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan from making risky wagers with their own money and bans them owning big stakes in hedge funds or private-equity firms. The banks hate it...

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    1. That Fed report really does give ammunition to opponents of the Volcker Rule.
    2. This is the regulator dropping bread crumbs to Congress to act.
    3. Hedge fund-like gambling should not be permitted in the banking space.
    4. We are very concerned about the repeal or dialing back of the Volcker Rule.
    5. Prop trading is gone. We're not looking for it to come back.
    6. You kind of scratch your head and say, 'Is there really a lot of added benefit to that?
    7. You could unravel the Volcker Rule by just downgrading enforcement of it.
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