1. Jill Hagenkord MD Joins MIODx Board of Directors

    Jill Hagenkord MD Joins MIODx Board of Directors

    MIODx announced today the addition of Jill Hagenkord MD to the company's Board of Directors. Dr. Hagenkord recently joined Color Genomics as its Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Prior to Color Genomics, Dr. Hagenkord served as CMO for 23andMe, senior vice president of medical strategy of Invitae, and CMO at Complete Genomics ...

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    1. Dr. Hagenkord joining the MIODx board of directors couldn't come at a better time, We're in the middle of attaining our CLIA and CAP accreditation, so having the insight of an industry veteran is indispensable. Dr. Hagenkord's experience and guidance will help us avoid many of the pitfalls along the way.
    2. The addition of Dr. Hagenkord provides support to fuel discovery, implementation, and distribution of state-of-the art molecular diagnostics worldwide.
    3. Dr Hagenkord's background in the genetic testing business will be instrumental in MIODx's success in genomics-based diagnostics going forward.
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