1. Theresa May Warned Against 'Heavy-Handed' Approach to Corporate Governance

    Theresa May Warned Against 'Heavy-Handed' Approach to Corporate Governance

    Business has responded with concern to Government proposals which could require them to make public the ratio between the pay of chief executives and ordinary workers. And unions have voiced anger over the failure of a new package of corporate governance reforms to provide seats for workers on company boards ...

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    1. For people to retain faith in capitalism and free markets, big business must earn and keep the trust and confidence of their customers, employees and the wider public.
    2. Had the proposals ... been in place six months ago, I'm not wholly convinced that we would have avoided the corporate governance scandals that have plagued the last summer.
    3. While there is a real appetite from many firms to see action on the very small number of companies and executives whose actions negatively impact the business community as a whole, there is also concern that heavy-handed regulation could reduce investment or create significant costs for firms.
    4. This is not what Theresa May promised.
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