1. Silicon Valley Doesn't Know What to Expect From Trump

    Silicon Valley Doesn't Know What to Expect From Trump

    As a new president approaches Inauguration Day, the technology industry is staring into the unknown. Donald Trump's campaign had no position on supporting the startup community. No plan for dealing with artificial intelligence. No policies governing open data. And that doesn't even get to the heart of the industry's concerns about his social policy agenda ...

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    1. Trump said a lot of nasty, unsavory things, and people understandably think the worst.
    2. Whether or not you agree with Thiel's choice, he had a point of view, he put himself out there and he had an impact.
    3. Applying technology to scale and speed solutions is the DNA of our country's tech industry.
    4. If you think people are upset because they've lost jobs to free trade, wait until they start losing jobs to
    5. Obama's genuine passion and commitment for technology animated so much of what we did in government.
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