1. These Billion-Dollar Companies still have Zero Women on their Boards

    These Billion-Dollar Companies still have Zero Women on their Boards

    One of the few things rarer than a unicorn company is one with a woman on its board. In March 2015, Fortune listed the 33 U.S. unicorns — private firms valued at more than $1 billion — with an all-male board of directors. This list included behemoths like Airbnb, Snapchat , Tinder , Uber and WeWork. At the time, those 33 companies comprised 60% of the country's unicorns. What do these billion-dollar companies look like today...

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    1. We have doubled the number of women in senior leadership positions and increased the number of women in technical roles — from 22% to 26%.
    2. Diversity is an important part of MongoDB's culture, and we are strongly committed to employing not only females but people from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities and gender identities.
    3. Beyond these recent key appointments, we are doing a great deal to strengthen our internal pipeline of female leaders, including expanding the activities of our Women's Network, as well as enhancing opportunities for development and mentoring for our emerging female leaders.
    4. This year we implemented a Rooney Rule-type requirement where at least one person from an underrepresented background and one female candidate is interviewed for every open leadership position.
    5. Tinder is committed to improving diversity across all levels.
    6. In our research, we found that only 4% of CEOs who searched for board members looked outside their own small networks of investors and referrals from the CEO and/or other board members.
    7. When you get to the C-suite, it's rarely somebody you don't know, or your board doesn't know or your venture capitalists don't know.
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