1. Sebi Asks Govt to Appoint Woman Director on its Board

    Sebi Asks Govt to Appoint Woman Director on its Board

    Sebi has suggested the government to appoint at least one woman director on the regulator’s board, in line with its own directions for listed companies’ gender diversity on high-table under corporate governance norms. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) had issued guidelines in February 2015 ...

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    1. Sebi or its board does not appoint its own board members, the board members of Sebi are appointed by the government.
    2. Most of the corporate India has happily introduced it, those who have not done so I would exert them to do so as early as possible.
    3. World over, the regulators are struggling to find out solution to this issue (algo) to ensure market integrity and that there is fairness.
    4. So now as per our norms, no deterrent action will be taken against such companies. If you are ready to refund the money to erstwhile investors and you have got compounding from registrar of companies….Now more and more such companies are coming for primary issuances.
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