1. Inside the Legal Case Everyone on Wall Street's Talking About

    Inside the Legal Case Everyone on Wall Street's Talking About

    It is not uncommon for an investment banker to jump from one Wall Street firm to another.

    It is less common for five of them — from the same team — to do it at the same time for the same rival. That's what happened at Credit Suisse's San Francisco-based technology team in May...

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    1. It's curious why Credit Suisse would file an injunction action articulating in only general, almost template language, the proof of the conduct alleged.
    2. The court put a stop to the inappropriate conduct of five individuals who departed Credit Suisse and violated their obligations to the firm. Despite their actions, our global technology business is continuing to have one of its strongest years in recent memory.
    3. Each of these individuals managed a different vertical within the technology investment banking group. In combination basically half — more than half of that business walked out the door.
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