1. These Tech Execs Explain Why They Moved Their Companies to Boston

    These Tech Execs Explain Why They Moved Their Companies to Boston

    Brian Snyder/Reuters General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt (left) negotiated a rich incentives package with Governor Charlie Baker (center) and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to move his company to Boston. Many small companies relocate for the local workforce. By Scott Kirsner Globe Columnist July 29, 2016 In January, around the time General Electric executives were ratifying the decision to move the conglomerate’s headquarters from Connecticut to Boston’s Seaport District, David Hurley was living in an Airbnb apartment rental in the same neighborhood. Hurley had landed some early funding from two Boston venture capital firms, and he’d decided ...

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    1. The density of talent makes Boston a great location for our business, since there are so many other marketing tech companies and open-source companies here.
    2. Ideally, I would've loved to stay down in the South, but the South just does not have very deep pockets.
    3. Bostonians take it for granted that every week, there are thousands and thousands of networking events and conferences going on around town.
    4. People's perception of Boston doesn't yet match up to the reality.
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