1. Twilio Welcomes Erika Rottenberg to Board of Directors

    Twilio Welcomes Erika Rottenberg to Board of Directors

    Twilio is pleased to welcome Erika Rottenberg as the newest member of the Twilio Board of Directors. Ms. Rottenberg brings extensive experience as a global operational technology executive and General Counsel at leading, fast-growing, disruptive technology companies with global scale ...

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    1. Erika has vast experience at the intersection of technology and policy. She helped LinkedIn scale during a period of high growth, and is one of the foremost technology executives and legal minds in the industry. She truly embodies our core Twilio values of empowering others and leaving teams as legacies.
    2. Communications is at the core of all human interaction, and Twilio empowers businesses to communicate with their customers as humans, just as humans like to communicate with each other.
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