1. Raimondo Nominates Three to RIPTA Board of Directors

    Raimondo Nominates Three to RIPTA Board of Directors

    Governor Gina M. Raimondo today announced her intent to nominate Joshua H. Brumberger, Wayne M. Kezirian, and Karen A. Santilli to the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority Board of Directors. Raimondo submitted their names to the Rhode Island Senate for confirmation today ...

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    1. A 21st century economy requires a 21st century public transit system.
    2. This is a great opportunity to be a part of moving our state forward, and I thank Governor Raimondo for her consideration.
    3. I am honored to be considered for this position, and look forward to applying my private sector experience to the public sector.
    4. Public transportation is a valuable asset to our community, particularly for low-income riders.
    5. I am grateful to Steve and Margaret for volunteering their time and expertise to RIPTA. They have helped shepherd RIPTA through many positive changes and service expansions, and I wish them the very best.
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