1. SpringCM Appoints Former Salesforce Exec to Board of Directors

    SpringCM Appoints Former Salesforce Exec to Board of Directors

    SpringCM, the No. 1 global sales contract management solution for Salesforce customers, today announced the appointment of Salesforce veteran Dan Dal Degan to its Board of Directors to help accelerate the pace of innovation and guide the company’s rapid growth within the Salesforce ecosystem ...

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    1. With 30 years of experience leading technology companies, including 11 years during the hyper growth period at Salesforce, Dan is uniquely qualified to help take SpringCM to new market heights.
    2. In my 11 years at Salesforce in sales leadership, I saw SpringCM, in my hometown of Chicago, emerge as an increasingly relevant value-added partner in the fast-growing market for contract lifecycle management and enterprise-class content management.
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