1. BIO's Jim Greenwood will Chair BVGH's Board of Directors.

    BIO's Jim Greenwood will Chair BVGH's Board of Directors.

    BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) announced that Jim Greenwood, BIO president and CEO, has been elected as BVGH Board Chair for 3-year ...

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    1. Jim's leadership of the BVGH Board is an important signal to the global health community of BIO member companies' ongoing commitment to solving global health issues, including the eradication of neglected infectious diseases such as Ebola.
    2. BVGH's mission to spur new life science research and partnerships in global health is in perfect alignment with BIO's efforts to address health challenges facing developing and emerging countries throughout the world.
    3. Many of these collaborations have already achieved important milestones and we are connecting some of the brightest minds across the globe to tackle these diseases together.
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