1. #GrowthStall: Twitter’s Moment of Solemn Reflection

    #GrowthStall: Twitter’s Moment of Solemn Reflection

    Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Twitter, was staring at a puddle.

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    1. Their ad model and their advertising is not the problem. It's the growth of new users.
    2. What's interesting about Twitter is that the value is not the social network you bring to it.
    3. Live is what Twitter truly is about.
    4. We're focused now on what Twitter does best: live.
    5. Twitter is a live public conversation that's happening all over the world.
    6. It's great that both marketers and other folks realize that live is where the premium is in the advertising business.
    7. When there's a lull, the Internet creates something.
    8. If there was one attribute I'd highlight about Twitter, it's our speed.
    9. People need to feel safe to express themselves freely.
    10. One of the most creative and focused souls I know.
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