1. Valeant Names 3 New Members to Its Board, Stock Rises 4%

    Valeant Names 3 New Members to Its Board, Stock Rises 4%

    The embattled company said it added three independent board directors on Tuesday, bringing the size of its board to 14 and the number of independents to 12. They are Fred Eshelman, Stephen Fraidin and Thomas W. Ross ...

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    1. Fred's extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Steve's business, legal and corporate governance acumen, and Tom's broad public policy expertise are valuable additions to the Board as we strengthen the Company's corporate governance practices and move the company forward.
    2. We are pleased that these three experienced and capable leaders have agreed to join our Board.
    3. I continue to believe in the future of Valeant, but this position requires more time than I can provide at this time.
    4. I also want to thank Anders for all of his tireless efforts and contributions on behalf of Valeant shareholders.
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