1. On Leadership: The One CEO Perk That’s Not Fading Away

    On Leadership: The One CEO Perk That’s Not Fading Away

    Since 2006 -- when the Securities and Exchange Commission began requiring companies to disclose more detail about executive compensation -- the perks of top managers have been under attack. And under pressure from investors and the fear of embarrassing optics for companies, many have quietly vanished. Country club memberships have all but gone the way of the three-martini lunch. Allowances for company cars? So very 2005.Read full article...

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    1. When you look at executive perquisites over the last five to seven years, companies really pared back.
    2. The board or the company would have no right to the employee's protected health information under HIPAA and other privacy rules.
    3. It's the difference between a pop quiz and a take-home exam.
    4. That's probably why it's one of the few perks that large companies haven't really let go of.
    5. Even if they do trigger the tax, the tax would be somewhat minimal and I think the companies see the value in assuring the executives are healthy.
    6. Companies are watching how they spend their benefits dollars.
    7. I think a good CEO is going to be candid.
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