1. Top VW Committee to Meet Feb. 3 to Discuss Crisis: Sources

    Top VW Committee to Meet Feb. 3 to Discuss Crisis: Sources

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Volkswagen's top committee will meet for the third time in three weeks on Feb. 3, as it continues to grapple with a scandal over rigged diesel emissions tests more than four months after it broke, people familiar with the matter said.

    Europe's largest automaker needs to prepare for what will likely be a stormy annual shareholders' meeting in April, and is looking at how to account for the scandal in its 2015 results, due to be published in March, one of the people said...

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    1. In this special situation it would not be enough for the executive committee to only meet ahead of a supervisory board meeting, or every six to eight weeks.
    2. The pressure to clear up (the scandal) is extremely high.
    3. There were too many cheers after the technical fixes for European cars were presented. There was an impression that the job was largely done. But that's far from true.
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