1. Boeing is Shoveling a Ton of Cash to Shareholders in 2016 (BA)

    Boeing is Shoveling a Ton of Cash to Shareholders in 2016 (BA)

    Boeing is shoveling a ton of cash to shareholders in 2016.  In an announcement on Monday the aerospace giant announced a new $14 billion share repurchase plan and a 20% increase in its regular quarterly dividend starting next year.  Boeing — which has a market cap just under $100 billion — said its $14 billion buyback plan will replace the current $12 billion plan that was previously in place and of which $5.25 billion remained...

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    1. Once again, we are demonstrating our commitment to a balanced cash deployment strategy that fuels investments in our people, innovation and growth, and returns significant value to our shareholders.
    2. We continue to take a disciplined approach to managing our financial strength, channeling our strong cash flow generation toward continued investments in the business and consistent returns for our shareholders.
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