1. Pay Skyrockets for Company Directors

    Pay Skyrockets for Company Directors

    which tracks executive compensation. A Regeneron spokeswoman, Alexandra Bowie, argued Vagelos was “technically an employee” because he was given an employment agreement in 1998 that requires him to work 30 to 50 hours a month, or an average of nine ...

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    1. The idea that a director would receive half a million dollars or more from service on one board speaks to growing inequality in our society.
    2. Fifteen years ago, most people who were on boards were members of the country club, they were friends of the CEO, and they didn't do a heck of a lot of work for the money.
    3. I think the caliber of individuals [on boards] has improved since the early 2000s.
    4. Your stock price is increasing, therefore the compensation numbers are increasing.
    5. Those options have no value if the share price does not go up.
    6. It's like buying a lottery ticket you have a pretty good chance of winning.
    7. You have to pay them, obviously, for their effort, time, and potential liability.
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