1. Corporate Governance in the Age of Cyber Risks

    Corporate Governance in the Age of Cyber Risks

    Corporate boardrooms are waking up to the encroaching, systemic threat of cybersecurity risks. But while awareness is growing — more than 80% of boards now discuss cybersecurity at most, if not all, of their meetings — many directors simply are not ...

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    1. Nonspecialist executives and board directors all play a role in determining whether a company's dedicated cybersecurity professionals have prepared the firm for the cybersecurity risks it faces.
    2. The cyber threat is one of the most significant economic and national security risks we face, and the inability to effectively address this threat will have long-lasting implications.
    3. If you happen to have something the attack team is looking for, or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you're going to get attacked.
    4. Cybersecurity is a complex and multi-dimensional issue. The technology and tools available today are extremely advanced and do a great deal to prevent and detect intrusions.
    5. That means making investments to power down the risk without bankrupting yourself.
    6. We really are all in this together.
    7. Unless you're an extremely large company that can spend a lot of money on new technology, re-engineering your environment, hiring a large and comprehensive cyber security team … you have to move to the cloud or seek some external service partnerships.
    8. As you inventory your assets, you can begin to segment your network and understand what needs to be relatively open and what needs to be tightly closed.
    9. You don't need to hold that much data about a person to validate them.
    10. Do we have to wait for a catastrophic attack on our national system of some sort to actually react?
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