1. Presage Biosciences Appoints Two New Directors

    Presage Biosciences Appoints Two New Directors

    Presage Biosciences, an oncology company pioneering a radical new drug development approach that incorporates human efficacy data much earlier in development and clinical trials, announced today the appointment of Tachi Yamada and Christoph Lengauer to its board of directors...

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    1. We are excited to welcome Tachi and Christoph to our Board of Directors at this important juncture of Presage's evolution to more directly apply our CIVO technology platform to the development of effective cancer drug combinations.
    2. I have followed Presage with interest through its partnership with Takeda during my tenure there, and I have always been particularly impressed with Presage's unique approach and its efficiency and effectiveness for discovering novel drug combinations.
    3. At oncology companies large and small, I have led a number of drug discovery programs that could best realize their clinical potential in combination, and these efforts were often thwarted by a limitation on translating preclinical work into patients.
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