1. Silicon Valley Granddaddy HP Readies Breakup

    Silicon Valley Granddaddy HP Readies Breakup

    San Francisco (AFP) - Seventy-seven years after Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began tinkering in a Palo Alto garage, the company that became the foundation for Silicon Valley is breaking up.  Hewlett-Packard on Sunday officially splits into two entities, opening a new chapter for the US technology legend.  The computer colossus is being divided into HP Enterprise, focusing on software and business services, and HP Inc, which will keep the personal computer and printer operations...

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    1. The market right now needs to move in this kind of direction, more focused, and more nimble, than in Carly Fiorina era, when competing with IBM, not Amazon, was critical.
    2. A split in itself is not a good or bad thing, it's what they do with it.
    3. Compaq was a portfolio of a lot of underperforming companies. It didn't serve HP's shareholders and customers as well as it might have.
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