1. Walgreens is Buying Rite Aid

    Walgreens is Buying Rite Aid

    Walgreens Boots Alliance just announced it will buy Rite Aid Corporation at $9.00 per share.  Including debt, the deal is valued at about $17.2 billion.  That's a 48% premium to the closing price per share the day before the agreement was signed.  Rite Aid shares were up as much as 40% earlier on Tuesday after news broke of a potential deal. In after hours trading, they were down about 6.92%...

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    1. Our complementary retail-pharmacy footprints in the US will create an even better network, with more health and wellness solutions available in stores and online.
    2. Today's announcement is another step in Walgreens Boots Alliance's global development and continues our profitable growth strategy. In both mature and newer markets across the world, our approach is to advance and broaden the delivery of retail health, wellbeing and beauty products and services.
    3. Joining together with Walgreens Boots Alliance will enhance our ability to meet the health and wellness needs of Rite Aid's customers while also delivering significant value to our shareholders.
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