1. Biz Break: Polycom Shares Soar on Merger Suggestion

    Biz Break: Polycom Shares Soar on Merger Suggestion

    Today: San Jose-based Polycom saw its shares rocket higher on Thursday after activist shareholder Elliott Management proposed a merger of Polycom and Canada's Mitel Networks. Also: Facebook goes beyond likes, and Netflix hikes prices...

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    1. We use a combination of Polycom and Mitel as a starting point, but we believe many other targets should eventually be consolidated.
    2. Polycom could pay $10.00 per share for Mitel in an all-stock transaction and still yield a 70 percent return by the end of 2017 and a 95 percent return by the end of 2018.
    3. Polycom's board and management regularly review and evaluate the company's strategy as part of our commitment to enhance shareholder value.
    4. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our shareholders, and we will be meeting with Elliott's representatives to discuss their thoughts.
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