1. VW to Dismiss CEO Over Emissions-Cheating Scandal

    VW to Dismiss CEO Over Emissions-Cheating Scandal

    By Andreas Cremer FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Volkswagen will dismiss Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn, a German newspaper said on Tuesday, after the carmaker admitted to cheating U.S. vehicles emissions tests and said 11 million of its cars could be affected worldwide. The Tagesspiegel newspaper, citing unidentified sources on Volkswagen's supervisory board, said Winterkorn would be replaced by ...

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    1. I don't want to preempt the upcoming intense deliberations and will not comment on details or any consequences.
    2. Winterkorn either knew of proceedings in the U.S. or it was not reported to him.
    3. No doubt we will hear a lot from plaintiffs' attorneys representing the poor car buyers but I guess the group that would have been hurt most would have been the other car manufacturers who compete with Volkswagen.
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