1. James F. Conway, III Elected Board Vice Chairman and Lead Director of Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. and Enterprise Bank

    Mr. Conway, who has served as a Director since 1989, assumes the Board Vice Chair and Lead Director positions from Arnold S. Lerner, who had held the Vice Chair position since 1989 and the Lead Director position since it was created in 2012. Mr. Lerner will continue to serve as a Director, Chair of the Corporate Governance/Nominating Committee, and a member of the Executive, Asset-Liability, Enterprise Investment Advisors and Compensation Committees.

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    1. This transition demonstrates Enterprise's commitment to long-term succession planning and board leadership from the highest caliber of local community and business leaders.
    2. I am honored to follow in Mr. Lerner's footsteps and I recognize both the privilege and profound responsibility I have in serving all of Enterprise's stakeholders.
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