1. Perrigo CEO Says No Easy Path for Mylan to Acquire Company

    Perrigo CEO Says No Easy Path for Mylan to Acquire Company

    (Reuters) - Perrigo Co Plc on Wednesday made a fresh case for rejecting a $34 billion offer from generic drugmaker Mylan NV and said Mylan's recent share price plunge reinforces Perrigo's intention to remain independent. Perrigo Chief Executive Joseph Papa, in his first comments on the unsolicited acquisition attempt since Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries dropped its pursuit of Mylan in favor of another deal, reiterated that the $205 per share offer substantially undervalues Perrigo...

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    1. I make no prediction on how the Mylan shareholders will vote but I want to remind everyone, including the Mylan shareholders, that if they proceed with a tender offer for Perrigo this will not be the easy path that some are painting it to be.
    2. If Mylan does win their shareholder vote and initiate a tender process, we'll make a strategic decision with the board about what's the right thing to do for the company.
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