1. Loeb Targets Suzuki Declaring New Age for Japan Activism

    Loeb Targets Suzuki Declaring New Age for Japan Activism

    Billionaire Daniel Loeb’s latest crack at Japan Inc. targets Suzuki Motor Corp. as he sees a shift toward more shareholder-friendly policies in the country. Loeb’s Third Point LLC told investors it acquired a stake in Suzuki without disclosing its size in a letter dated July 31. The investment sets the stage for Loeb’s next encounter as an activist with Japanese companies, after run-ins with robot maker Fanuc Corp. earlier this year and Sony Corp. ending in 2014...

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    1. What we have yet to see is a simple process for unlocking the enormous amount of excess cash that is sitting on the sidelines.
    2. Better corporate governance principles have led companies like Fanuc to adopt more shareholder friendly approaches.
    3. With a resolution to the arbitration finally on the horizon and the improving cyclical tailwinds to its dominant Indian business in place, Suzuki seems undervalued today.
    4. Activists today are very different from corporate raiders of the '80s.
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