1. Saudi Hopes for 'Activist Investors'

    Saudi Hopes for 'Activist Investors'

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking for "activist investors," the head of the country's stock exchange told CNBC on Monday, as it opened to foreigners for the first time. The exchange, which has a market capitalization of around $550 billion, has opened to direct foreign investment at a time of low oil prices and increasingly aggressive—and costly—Saudi Arabia foreign policy...

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    1. The reason is not really about raising further funds for Saudi Arabia—I mean we have a lot of liquidity—but it is these qualitative influences that we are looking for, that we hope will help to develop our capital markets.
    2. These activist shareholders are basically there to allow us to better align with best global practices and hopefully that will accelerate our convergence to higher standards of corporate governance, investor relations, issuer disclosures and hopefully broaden and make more sophisticated our research coverage of our listed companies.
    3. A further attraction for global investors is the liquidity of the market, which can trade up to $4 billion a day.
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