1. BoardProspects Launches New Feature Allowing Corporations to Post Board Recruitment Opportunities for Free

    BoardProspects Launches New Feature Allowing Corporations to Post Board Recruitment Opportunities for Free

    BoardProspects.com has just released a new feature which allows corporations (publicly-traded, private and non-profit) to post board recruitment opportunities on its platform for FREE!  Here is how it works:

    1. At BoardProspects.com, select “Corporate Subscription” on the landing page and then select “Post Now”;
    2. Register the corporation and select an Account Administrator (ex. business owner, Board Chair or Nominating Committee Chair, Executive Director, etc.);
    3. Follow the simple steps under “Post a Board Position” in order to post a board recruitment opportunity;
    4. BoardProspects promotes the opportunity to its growing community of highly-qualified boardroom candidates; and
    5. Your corporation’s Account Administrator will receive notifications from BoardProspects when a Member of our community has applied for the board recruitment opportunity.

    Even if a corporation is not presently in the market for a new board member, there is nothing to lose by posting a board recruitment opportunity on BoardProspects.  The board posting can be completely confidential and there is no obligation on the part of the corporation (no fee associated with the posting and there is no requirement to actually select a candidate).

    The best part of this new feature is that BoardProspects promotes the posting to its more than 9,000 high-quality Members from all across the world, including:  executives and board members of Fortune 100 companies, specific-industry experts, former members of U.S. Congress, university presidents and professors, retired military leaders and federal judges, and experienced corporate directors from some of the world's most well-known corporations, such as Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Adidas, Morgan Stanley, Xerox, eBay, Dunkin Donuts, Bank of America, Jet Blue, Dreamworks, Verizon, Estee Lauder, Whirlpool, GNC, State Street, Bed Beth & Beyond, Marriott Hotels International, General Motors and Coca-Cola.

    Many corporations are viewing this new feature as a “why not?” proposition.  There is no obligation and it may result in the identification of a board candidate who can add significant value to the corporation.  Not only are stand-alone corporations posting board opportunities, but venture capital and private equity firms are posting board recruitment opportunities on behalf of their portfolio companies.

    To post a board opportunity, go to BoardProspects.com https://boardprospects.com/corporate-subscription and select “Post Now”.

    If you have any questions, please contact BoardProspects at contact@BoardProspects.com

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