1. Staples Struggles, But CEO’s Pay Surges

    Staples Struggles, But CEO’s Pay Surges

    One person who has prospered through the rocky reshaping of the business is chief executive Ronald Sargent. His annual total compensation has nearly doubled to $12.4 million over the past three years. Sargent is leading a “reinvention” plan that aims to shrink Staples’ physical retail presence and boost online sales. Last year, Staples said that it planned to close 225 stores by the end of 2015...

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    1. When you step back and ignore the noise from the stock market, you say this company is not doing terrifically well, If the company is not doing well, why is there a near doubling of the CEO's compensation?
    2. I can't remember seeing many cases when the goal was not to shrink too much.
    3. One way to get paid is to get performance higher and the other is to get the benchmark lower.
    4. I don't know why you would be concerned about retaining managers that have run down the stock price.
    5. The criticism of these numbers is that they are a black box that have not demonstrated they are related to share price.
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