1. BP Faces Investor Discontent Over CEO Dudley's 2014 Pay

    BP Faces Investor Discontent Over CEO Dudley's 2014 Pay

    By Ron Bousso LONDON (Reuters) - Two leading consultants have urged BP shareholders to vote against Chief Executive Bob Dudley's $12.7 million (8.60 million pounds) 2014 pay, saying it was not in line with the energy major's poor performance. Glass Lewis and Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (PIRC), which advise institutional shareholders and issue proxy vote recommendations, both said ...

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    1. The changes in CEO pay over the last five years are not considered in line with the Company's financial performance over the same period.
    2. Executive pay is closely linked to BP's performance and is defined by the remuneration policy which was overwhelmingly approved by our shareholders at last year's AGM.
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