1. Chairman of Troubled South Africa Utility Eskom Steps Down

    Chairman of Troubled South Africa Utility Eskom Steps Down

    By Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Eskom Chairman Zola Tsotsi has stepped down, the South African power utility said on Tuesday, after its board accused him of acting improperly by suspending the chief executive. Eskom's [ESCJ.UL] board said that with the departure of Tsotsi, who had dismissed the accusations as minor issues, the company could focus on challenges facing it and ...

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    1. The board and the chairperson held a constructive discussion about charting a way forward for the power utility. Mr Tsotsi agreed to step down as a director and chairperson of the board.
    2. Mr Tsotsi indicated that the board had unity of purpose and that his decision to step down was in the interest of the company and the country and was done in order to allow the board to focus on the core issues facing Eskom.
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