1. Elaine Wynn Learned of Board Issue from Ex-Husband

    Elaine Wynn Learned of Board Issue from Ex-Husband

    LAS VEGAS -- Ousted Wynn Resorts, Limited board member Elaine Wynn said Thursday she first learned she was not being re-nominated to her position through phone conversations with her ex-husband, company chairman and CEO Steve Wynn. In a filing ...

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    1. I met with the full nominating and corporate governance committee and the other independent directors and I responded to each and every question regarding my candidacy to the board.
    2. As the second and third largest stockholders of the company, respectively, Mr. Wynn and I would have every incentive to arrive at an agreement and avoid triggering a covenant violation.
    3. As she has for over a dozen years, Ms. Wynn, acting in her role as a director, voted without objection in determining that she and Mr. Wynn do not qualify as independent.
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