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    1. Corporate Governance and the Problem of Executive Compensation

      Corporate governance is one of those topics that only seems to grow in importance.  Some of the importance comes from increased organization of shareholders.  The public has also become increasingly aware of these sort of issues.  What was once a matter betwen managers and owners has now become an issue debate within the public at large. No issue has been more discussed or has better captured the public imagination than the issue of executive compensation.  Among large public companies, top offi
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    2. Seabridge Gold Reports on Annual Meeting Results and Senior Management Changes

      TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwire - June 28, 2012) - Seabridge Gold ( TSX:SEA )( NYSE:SA ) announced today its shareholders overwhelmingly voted in favor of all motions put before them at the Company's Annual General Meeting held yesterday in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Re-elected to the Board of Directors were James S. Anthony, A. Frederick Banfield, Douglas "Scott" Barr, Thomas C. Dawson, Louis J ...

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    3. Delta Electronics Announces New Management Team

      TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Delta Electronics, INC. announced today that its board of directors has met and proposed the following changes in executive positions: Yancey Hai, Delta’s longtime vice chairman and CEO, will take over as chairman of Delta’s board of directors. President and COO, Mark Ko, will take over as vice chairman; president of China operations, Ping Cheng, has been ...

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    4. Hospital governance plans are potentially dangerous

      The Health Information and Quality Authority’s proposals would create confusion over who has overall responsibility THE REPORT last month by the Health Information and Quality Authority on Tallaght hospital dealt in some detail with the issue of corporate governance at the hospital. However, its recommendations on corporate governance are intended to apply to all publicly-funded hospitals. Many of these recommendations represent good corporate governance practice and many are already implemented

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    5. Dubai Holding announces new board for TECOM

      Dubai Holding announces new board for TECOM

      Dubai Holding announced on Wednesday the establishment of a new board of directors for TECOM Investments (TECOM), which owns and operates several free trade zones in the emirate. The Dubai conglomerate said the move was part of Dubai Holding's efforts "to further strengthen corporate governance at its entities". Earlier this month, it announced the setting up of a new board of directors for Dubai Properties Group (DPG), its real estate arm. The new TECOM board, which comprises three independent

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    6. Calgon Carbon Corporation Announces the Appointment of Randall Dearth as President and Chief Executive Officer and ...

      PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE: CCC) announced today that its board of directors has appointed Randall S. Dearth (age 48) as Calgon Carbon Corporation’s new president and chief executive officer effective August 1, 2012. Previously the company announced that John S. Stanik would retire. Mr. Stanik’s retirement will be effective on July 31, 2012. Also, the company ...

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    7. International Endesa UK Regulatory Announcement: Endesa S.A. - Resolutions adopted by the 2012 AGM

      NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED BY THE ANNUAL GENERAL SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING JUNE 26, 2012 1. Examination and approval, as the case may be, of the Individual Annual Financial Statements of Endesa, S.A. (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Global Earnings, Statement of Changes in Net Equity, Cash-Flow Statement and Annual Report), as well as of the Consolidated Annual ...

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    8. OriginOil Adds Third Independent Director, Strengthening Its Board

      )--OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/BB: OOIL), developer of a breakthrough technology to convert algae into renewable crude oil, recently announced the appointment of Anthony Fidaleo to its board. Fidaleo will serve as OriginOil’s third independent director. In the past three months the Company has added two independent directors and chartered Audit and Compensation Committees in preparation for the commercialization of its breakthrough platform technology and the extension of its market applications. Mr. F

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