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    1. What to do With Proxies That You Get in the Mail

      Proxy season may be winding down, but next year's voting season will be here sooner than you realize. If you're at all interested in influencing corporate governance, then learn the ins and outs of proxy voting before your company's meeting or before next year's ballots arrive in the spring. For small-time owners of common stock in companies, it can be easy to discount the importance of participating in corporate governance. Why should management at Exxon Mobil Corp. care about the votes from a

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    2. Too many board directors lose their backbone

      When it comes to corporate governance, hardly anyone could be more blunt than San Antonio investor George Karutz Sr. How blunt can he get? How about this: “Directors tend to leave their brains, their balls and their backbone at the boardroom door.” Karutz told me during a lunch meeting that he felt compelled to speak out about his views because of his long experience as an investor and as local efforts increase to entice investors to look more at local startup companies. He has criticized direct

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    3. STAG Industrial (STAG) Adds Christopher P. Marr to Board, Chairman of

      STAG Industrial, Inc. (NYSE: STAG) announced that its Board of Directors has elected Christopher P. Marr to serve as a director of the Company and Chairman of the Company's Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, effective August 2, 2012. Mr. Marr is the President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer of CubeSmart (NYSE: CUBE), a public real estate company that acquires, owns, operates and develops self-storage facilities in the United States. Prior to joining CubeSmart, M

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    4. Utility officials expected to hire investigators in Duke Energy review

      As the N.C. Utilities Commission’s investigation of Duke Energy enters its second week, the six political appointees who regulate the state’s electric utilities are expected to bring in outside investigators. The complexity of Duke Energy probe is beyond the scope of the utilities commission’s routine work, which involves issuing certificates and reviewing rates of ferry operators, moving ...

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    5. OCBC's ex-Group CEO wins Best CEO title

      OCBC's ex-Group CEO wins Best CEO title

      SINGAPORE: The annual Singapore Corporate Awards (SCA) has recognised 29 companies and seven individuals for their high quality of corporate governance and disclosure. Launched in September 2005, the SCA, now in its seventh year, comprises five categories, including the Best Managed Board Award and the Best Chief Executive Officer Award. OCBC Bank won the Best Managed Board Award, and its former CEO, David Conner, also took home the Best Chief Executive Officer title. He shares the honour with T

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    6. Ombudsman, Superman Or Godman?

      By: Nitin Potdar, M&A Partner J. Sagar Associates By: Nitin Potdar, M&A Partner J. Sagar Associates Today, buzzwords like 'good governance', 'independent directors' and 'minority interest' are an integral part of any corporate discussion or debate. It's considered highly trendy these days to stress upon the need for independent directors in every forum. On the brighter side, this is indeed a positive environmental change in favour of impartial and objective governance; one that merits thundering

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    7. State urges PSUs to induct more independent directors

      BS Reporter / Kolkata/ Bhubaneswar Jul 17, 2012, 00:41 IST Public sector undertakings (PSUs) functioning in the state without the desired strength of independent directors on their boards have come under attack from the department of public enterprises (PE). Stating that induction of independent directors is a compulsion under the 'Corporate Governance Manual' of the state government, the PE department has urged the PSUs to complete the exerc

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    8. Gardner Denver CEO Resigns

      The board of directors of Gardner Denver, Inc. have announced that Barry L. Pennypacker has resigned as president, chief executive officer and director. Michael M. Larsen, vice president and chief financial officer, has been named interim CEO, effective immediately. Diane Schumacher, who served in a variety of senior management and legal roles during her career with Cooper Industries, will ...

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    9. Charges against Hong Kong billionaires keep corporate governance issues in

      focus July 16, 2012, 12:50 AM Whether or not the charges brought against the co-chairmen of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. HK:16 SUHJY are ever proved in court, corporate governance issues may haunt the property giant for some time to come. Soon after the city’s anticorruption agency on Friday formally charged Thomas Kwok and Raymond Kwok, among others, for bribing a government official, SHK announced a few changes at the

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